Website section owners

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This is the list of owners for the various section of the BerksPGL website and therefore who is responsible for identifying when information requires updating. A number of these users are Administrators of the website and therefore can update their pages directly.

Website SpaceOwner
Members / Care TeamRobin Kent (*)
Members / SecretaryRichard Olliver
Members / Secretary / VLO SchemeRichard Olliver
Members / Secretary / SindleshamNeil Harvey
Members / DCJim Sampins
Members / AlmonerDavid Jarvis
Members / MentorIan Clark (*)
Members / Learning and DevelopmentStan Cook / Simon Oliver
Members / CommunicationsTim Sherwood
Members / CharitiesPaul Watson
Members / Clubs / Light BluesColin Payne
Members / Clubs / Visitin Encouragement TeamTim Lee and Owen Doe
Members / Clubs / Bowling AssociationGlynn Jones
Members / Clubs / Golfing Society
Members / Clubs / Widows AssociationDavid Jarvis
The LinkTim Sherwood