Visiting Encouragement Team Update

June 2020

Although we are not able to actively promote visiting within the Province, the Visiting Encouragement Team continues to work at developing new and exciting ways in which the Province’s members can continue to enjoy Freemasonry once we are able to return to some form of normality.

The culture of visiting at all levels in the Province had seen enthusiastic support during the first quarter of this year. The team’s attendance at events, such as the Light Blues Club committee meeting and Lodge Mentors’ conference held on 2nd December, enabled our presentation actively promoting the Berkshire Explorer and strengthen further the culture and benefits of visiting.

Advice relating to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) means that our visiting and attendance at our own Lodge and Chapter meetings will be curtailed for some time and when we return to our most enjoyable and beneficial activities, we do not as yet know whether we will be required to follow any different guidelines or rules with regard to this.

On the Team’s recent Zoom call, we discussed the way we would be able to support and encourage Lodges and Chapters to develop safe and suitable regimes to facilitate visiting. The team’s remit continues to address broadening the uptake of visiting across the Province’s masonic community and we believe this will be even more important once the current situation improves.

We are always interested to hear your thoughts and ideas as to how the Visiting Encouragement Team can continue to develop the culture of visiting within the Province thereby promoting enjoyment and improved Lodge health and growth, so please get in touch using this dedicated email address:

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