Visiting Encouragement Team

Ruling Masters Planned Team Visits

A WhatsApp group has been created to include all Ruling Masters.

This is to enable you to plan your visits to other lodges during your year, and to publicise your own ceremonies for other ruling masters to attend.

It will also facilitate being able to go as a group to lodges to support them in their ceremonies and enhance their festive boards.

To join this group please contact W. Bro. Glenn Karpel 

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Berkshire Provincial Grand Lodge Visiting Encouragement Team

The Berkshire PGL VET’s mission is to develop the culture of visiting within the Province, thereby promoting enjoyment and improved Lodge health and growth. To increase the number of visits undertaken by all the Province’s Brethren.

  • Build on the existing resources available in the Province to provide a ‘one stop shop’ for visiting across the Province.
  • Consider the development of new resources as appropriate.
  • Consider providing support by arranging attendance at selected Lodge meetings.
  • Advertise the availability of resources and meetings via existing and new channels e.g. The Link, Provincial Website, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Collect, develop and collate data in respect of visiting for measurement and targeting purposes.