VLO Scheme

by Neill Rhodes

The Visiting Lodge Officer Scheme

The Visiting Lodge Officer Scheme is critical to the continued success of the Province. It is administered by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master and has four principal objectives:

  1. To provide encouragement, help and support to all Lodges
  2. To ensure that our members are happy and their concerns well managed so that Berkshire Freemasonry is something everyone wants to be a part of and enjoy
  3. To provide a communication channel for all Members to the Provincial Executive
  4. To help Lodges address any issues that are impacting their future

In general, each lodge in Berkshire has a Visiting Lodge Officer (VLO) allocated to it. A VLO will remain with a lodge until the Deputy Provincial Grand Master or the VLO requests a change. Their names, ranks and contact details should appear on each lodge summons and a full list can be found be download here: VLOs and the Lodges they are allocated to

The continuity thus generated allows the VLO and the lodge to get to know each other and to work well together. Through his extensive experience, he has a key role to play in supporting and encouraging the lodge to be successful. Thus, he should be seen by the lodge as a friend, advisor and communication channel back to the Executive.

He will make one official visit to the Lodge each year and, in an unofficial capacity, will attend additionally as many other meetings of the lodge as time or circumstance will permit.

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