Provincial Membership Team resources and how they can assist your Lodge

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On your behalf, the Provincial Membership Team have refreshed the outside events equipment available to you all. This is to explain what we have at our disposal and how we can help your lodge attract new members when we are released from lockdown!

Many of you will have attended one of the various Members Pathway briefing sessions around the Province or even had an individual Lodge presentation. Feedback from those presentations is that Lodges want to help themselves attract new members and this is where we are able to help. You are best placed to know what is happening in your area.

Please remember that this equipment belongs to the Freemasons of the Province of Berkshire. It is all stored at Sindlesham and arrangements need to be made for the collection and safe return following any event you attend. Further, we will always allocate you an experienced member of our team to assist on the day.

I hope you will agree that with the new livery, equipment and updated wording it all makes a refreshing change from the tired old equipment we previously used.

We now have the newest version of the tri-fold Provincial leaflet, the latest pamphlet from UGLE which has several pages tailored to Berkshire and is currently being printed. We will continue to hand out the latest copies of the Link magazine available.

Transportation of the new items is compatible with a normal large or estate car so unless it’s the larger gazebo, no more vans required!

This year we have invested in a few giveaways to members of the public who leave us their contact details in the expression of interest forms. The giveaways will be strictly controlled for each event.

So Brethren, as soon as the lockdown is relaxed, we can get out there and find new members. Depending on when that is, we may be able to recover some of the 30 planned events this year although many of those are now lost. We need to find ones that work for your lodge.

If required, we could actually manage three events on the same day so allocation of the resources can be managed easily.

Is there a shopping centre, even undercover where a display can be made with limited equipment? The time of year when outside events can no longer continue is fast approaching so we may need to look to internal sites. You may know of some worth investigating?

W. Bro Steve Croston is the Deputy Provincial Membership Officer. We will be delighted to be of assistance to you. Initially I suggest you contact me at: for an initial chat with your ideas and we can take it from there.

Good luck and I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Steve Croston.



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