When the Hands are On The Square

by Neill Rhodes

Remembrance Sunday was a shadow of its former self this year, due to Covid restrictions.

With the Parade abandoned, Newbury Freemasons were denied the opportunity of marching in force, as we have done for many years. The modest commemoration ceremony was limited to Council Officials only.

However the good news was that, at three o’clock precisely the Worshipful Master of the Loyal Berkshire Lodge of Hope No 574 Owain Harrison, representing all Newbury Freemasons, laid a wreath in tribute to those who had bravely sacrificed themselves.

This was a separate private visit, made to the town’s war memorial to express our condolences to those who gave their lives in two world wars in the cause of freedom and peace.

Organisation and photography was by courtesy of Brian Sylvester, Town Crier for Newbury.

“We will remember them”

Written by Brian Bicknell
Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden

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