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The Yorkshire Lodge of Promulgation and the “Liverpool Rebellion”

by Brian Page

This is a personal report by a visitor to the Berkshire Lodge of Enlightenment meeting on 24th March 2022.

Those who ventured to the western end of the Province of Berkshire on Thursday evening enjoyed a warm welcome from the Berkshire Lodge of Enlightenment (BLOE) for their meeting in the Faringdon Masonic Hall. The BLOE is akin to a lodge with no fixed abode, with its meetings held at different Masonic centres around Berkshire. The journey to Faringdon was well worthwhile as we received two fascinating presentations during the session. 

Firstly a brief history of Freemasonry in Faringdon written by a member of The Vale of White Horse was presented by W Bro Ian Hopgood, WM of the BLOE, moonlighting from his usual role as the MEGS for The Royal Arch in Berkshire. 

Secondly, the main event for the evening was: The Yorkshire Lodge of Promulagation and the Liverpool Rebellion, presented by its author W Bro Ken Wooton. The amount of research KEN had carried out and his engaging style and skill as a presenter gave us a fascinating insight into the various Grand Lodges claiming precedence and authority in the 18th century. Ken explained how, after the reconciliation of the Antients and the Moderns, the creation of The Yorkshire Lodge of Promulgation disseminated the revised ritual throughout Yorkshire and parts of Lancashire; Ken thought that the work of the Lodge of Promulgation played some role in quashing what is known as the Liverpool Rebellion.

An interesting discussion and Q and A followed before a short stroll to the Corn Exchange for an excellent and convivial Festive Board. Altogether it was an enjoyable evening and well worth the journey.

Make sure not to miss the next meeting of the Berkshire Lodge of Enlightenment; put the date in your diary 28th June 2022, this time it’s at Sindlesham starting at 6:00 pm.

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