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The results of the raffle are in!

by Neill Rhodes

It may have been delayed due to Covid, but we’ve got there, the Provincial raffle in support of the 2023 festival has been drawn and the winners are now announced.

7th prizeTasting menu for two at W8Jamie Williams, Tilehurst Lodge 6526
6th prizeDinner for two at the French Horn (value £150)Robin Veryard, Gourmet Lodge 10008
5th prizeBall at Bearwood LakesR. Kays, Vale of Loddon Lodge 8421
4th prizeTwo night stay at the Marriott HotelEllington Lodge 1566
3rd prize£500Bearwood Lodge 8664
2nd prize£750A. Mody, Victoria Lodge 2671
1st prizeStay in a villa plus £1000Paul Wilding, Thatcham Lodge 8121

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