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The Members’ Pathway – Who Dares Thrives!

by Neill Rhodes

In Freemasonry we have studied the best way to ensure a happy, fulfilled and engaged Membership which leads to the growth and success of our Lodges. The result is a fantastic new toolkit called “The Members’ Pathway”.

This guide is designed to help Lodges flourish and thrive. It provides a structured approach that every Lodge can follow, whatever the situation, to create enjoyment and added value for Members, whilst attracting and encouraging new candidates to join Freemasonry.

The Members’ Pathway will allow Members to get the best from their Masonry following the Masonic journey of self development and learning from first interest through to Royal Arch and beyond.

The Members’ Pathway, together with Mentoring and Learning & Development are the three clear golden-threads which should run through every Lodge, so that they support their Members on every step of their Masonic journey.

The Members’ Pathway will ensure that

  • You will get more enjoyment, fun and greater satisfaction from your membership of Freemasonry
  • You will be part of a team, creating and nurturing a thriving, successful Lodge
  • You will have more opportunities to take on and succeed at new challenges on your life long Masonic journey
  • You can help to shape the future of your Lodge and the Province
  • You will gain a greater and deeper understanding of Freemasonry in all its aspects to enhance your enjoyment

Click here to download an Introduction to The Members’ Pathway

Click here to see a summary of The Members’ Pathway

To Learn More about The Members’ Pathway

Take a look at the highly successful Members’ Pathway webinars held in January and February 2021 for a real insight into the programme and some helpful hints and tips on enhancing your enjoyment of your Freemasonry.

Webinar 1 – Berkshire Freemasonry – The Way Forward after the Pandemic

Webinar 2 – Engaging Members & Agreeing the Lodge Vision for Enhanced Member Enjoyment

Webinar 3 – Turning your Vision to Actions – The Lodge Plan, the Foundation for Enhanced Member Enjoyment

For more information contact WBro. Matthew Walker, APGM

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