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The first workshop for LMOs, a great success

by Brian Page

Workshop for Lodge Membership Officers (LMOs)

W Bro. Iain Marnock (Berkshire Provincial Membership Officer), together with members of the Provincial Membership Team (PMT), organised and ran the first of a series of workshops for LMOs from across Berkshire on 21st August at Sindlesham.

After a short cello recital to relax everyone after their journey to Sindlesham, the meeting started with a welcome from W Bro. Matthew Walker (APGM). 

Bro. Iain then introduced the Provincial Membership Team, and each described their role within the team. 

The LMOs then broke off into groups for two workshops, lead by W Bros. Iain Marnock and Steve Ricks. 

During the workshops, the roles of the LMOs and PMT were discussed, as was the support available by the PMT for LMOs The wide-ranging discussions considered the difficulties and obstacles those present felt they might encounter in performing their LMO’s duties successfully. These included: lack of support and apathy within the lodge, inertia, and reluctance to change, age barriers, and much more.

There was a break for coffee and bacon rolls between the sessions, which enabled informal discussions.

It was stressed that the LMO is NOT a Recruitment Officer. Additionally, he should have a small and diverse team within his lodge, helping with attracting and managing new and potential members. So suitable candidates are nurtured and introduced into the most appropriate lodge for their interests and circumstances. i.e. making sure of round pegs in round holes! 

Above all, the Lodge Membership Officer must be proactive in performing his duties.

LMOs need to work closely with the Lodge Mentor. Liaise with each other and especially with those from the same Masonic centre. A website page accessible only by LMOs is being added to the Provincial website and, a Provincial WhatsApp group for LMOs will help in sharing ideas and information.

The jewel for Lodge Membership Officers is a Lewis, ask a Mark Master Mason if you don’t know what it’s for!

The workshop finished with a roundup from the PMO, who announced the next meeting set for 6th November 2021. The relaxed albeit structured event and was informative, productive well-received, and most enjoyable.

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