The Christopher Wren Lodge celebrates 3 milestones!

by Brian Page

Windsor in leafy Berkshire is regularly associated with ceremonies of great national importance and historical significance. On Saturday 26th March 2022, an event less well publicised but no less memorable took place. Roads were not closed, and the TV cameras were conspicuous by their absence.

A meeting of the Christopher Wren Lodge in the very splendid Windsor Masonic Centre, packed with freemasons assembled to see a Passing ceremony followed by the presentation of 3 certificates recognising more than 152 years of Masonic Membership. Due to the moratorium on meetings during the pandemic, this was the first opportunity to get everyone in one place to make it happen.

Firstly, Bro Marco Canonico travelled up from Dorset for his Passing ceremony. He might have been a bit nervous but appeared to take it all in his stride. Marco also had to contend with a filled Windsor Masonic Centre. Brethren had travelled from all over the South of England for the meeting.

The meeting then moved on to the award of the Certificates. WBro Colin Benford is the youngest of 3 blood brothers, all members of the Christopher Wren Lodge. Colin was Initiated in March 1970, at the age of 24, into the Christopher Wren Lodge, a retired public transport operator; he continues to live locally with his family.

Unfortunately, W Bro Iain Gregson could not be present at short notice to receive his certificate. The Assistant Provincial Grand Master is pictured holding Iain’s certificate. Gregson. Iain was Initiated into the Christopher Wren Lodge, in January 1972, at the age of 23. He worked in the computer industry and is now retired and living in Newcastle Upon Tyne with his wife. A plan is afoot to get this certificate up to Newcastle and present it to Iain, face to face, in the summer. Combined with the Lodge’s intention of electing Iain to Honorary Membership for the multiple Offices over many years he held whilst living and working in the south.

The final recipient is WBro Martin Taggart. Martin became a freemason in Scotland and then was a joining member of Christopher Wren Lodge in March 1971. He was then a 28-year-old policeman working in the mounted division based at Bow Street in London. He’s now retired, moved to Devon and plays much more golf now than he was ever able to do when work got in the way!

Back row L to R: WBro Julian Pacey PSGD, PAPGM (Berks), WBro Mark Coates PPGReg (Worshipful Master), WBro Steve Tuppen PPGReg

From a report from W Bro. Liam Kenny edited by W Bro Brian Page, Photos ©Liam Kenny

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