The Berkshire Enlightenment Family

by Brian Page

The fourth edition of Enlightenment Live is here!

Since the last edition of Enlightenment Live, the members of the Berkshire Lodge of Enlightenment are excited to be returning to Regular Meetings and it was great to see everyone who attended the Installation Meeting for our current Master W. Bro. Ian Hopgood (MEGS)

This week, 13th December, was one of our Regular Meetings at Sindlesham.  We were given a festive presentation by our Junior Warden, W. Bro. Ken Wootton on ‘Secret Santa, Secret Mason?’.  As ever, our Junior Warden entertained us with his amusing theories and historical references.  At the meeting, we were also pleased to welcome V.W.Bro Anthony Howlett-Bolton OBE, Provincial Grand Master, as a joining member.  We know he has a passion for education and that he will no doubt bring ideas and thoughts on how we can support Masonic Education in the Province.

 This is not the only announcement that we are excited to make.  The consecration of the Berkshire Chapter of Enlightenment in October means that we now have a complete ‘Enlightenment Family’.  This can be seen by our new Logo representing all three members of the family: Berkshire Lodge of Enlightenment, Enlightenment Live (Online) and Berkshire Chapter of Enlightenment.

This now gives us a fantastic platform to bring together Masonic Education for both Craft and Royal Arch and it strongly demonstrates the indissoluble link between the Craft and the Royal Arch.  This is further illustrated as we are in a unique position that the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent is currently the Master of the Berkshire Lodge of Enlightenment and the Provincial Grand Master is both the Founding and First Principal of the Berkshire Chapter of Enlightenment.  The unique symmetry and collaboration demonstrate their commitment to Masonic Education.

 This has also resulted in some changes with Enlightenment Live and we have decided to become a streaming service to give you more flexibitiy and choice about when you access the online magazine.  It also gives us more flexibility to match the other commitments of the Enlightenment Live production team and gives us the opportunity to develop much richer content.  

We are therefore pleased to announce that you can now access the fourth edition of Enlightenment Live.  We hope that you find this new format more interesting.  We encourage you to watch the whole edition to appreciate the common theme running through each of the articles.  However, once viewed as a whole, you can then click on the timestamps in the description on the YouTube page to access the start of each individual article.

What’s in  Edition 4 of Enlightenment Live?

We have some great articles, which are based on the theme of Fortitude, including:

  • Dave Whyatt considers how many Masons have been recipients of the Victoria Cross.  He highlights and explain the back storey to three of our own Berkshire Freemasons, one of whom became Provincial Grand Master 
  • We then have the second of the series in the talks between a more experienced and relatively new Brother; this being John Avery and Dean Reid.  The topic for discussion is the Poignard.  What are its origins, what is its significance and why is it part of the ceremony of initiation?
  • You may not be aware of the items and literature that is held at the Berkshire Masonic Museum and library.  Ian Freeth provides an illustrated insight, having conducted research at the centre, into why we may use Masonic Firing Glasses, and the concept of Firing as part of the Festive Board.  This is under our feature, ‘The History of Berkshire Freemasonry in 42 Objects’.  Ian was supported by Roger Coles and Ron Stone, volunteers at the centre.
  • As mentioned, the Enlightenment Family has grown by one, The Berkshire Chapter of Enlightenment.  We are honoured to have the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, Ian Hopgood, provide a talk of the consecration ceremony, but also how he sees this new Chapter playing a part in Masonic Education and that this combined platform can now be comprehensive in delivering Masonic Education to both the Craft and the Royal Arch.  He also stresses how this, again, demonstrates the indissoluble link between the craft and the Royal Arch.
  • Finally, we finish with this edition’s Conundrum.
  • Previously, we would have had live questions and answers with the panel.  However, as this edition is not a live production, we have provided an email address for you to send questions.  We will respond to these either as soon as received, or we will let you know a time when we have had chance to do further research, if required.

If you want to register to receive information, or have ideas for future editions, then please send your request to the Lodge Secretary at

Also, are you interested in being part of the team as a joining member of the Lodge and/or Chapter, then the following member profile may be of use?  We have this as we need active and enthusiastic members who are willing to participate in either our physical meetings and/or participate in the development of content for Enlightenment Live

The ideal joining member will be able to demonstrate one or more of the following:

  • A passion for learning for both himself and supporting learning in others
  • Practical experience and skills in training, teaching, personal mentoring or group facilitation
  • Substantial knowledge of masonic history, symbolism, philosophy and principles
  • An interest in researching masonic topics in order to create educational material for use by the Chapter
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Good technical skills in remote learning or remote conferencing
  • A willingness to contribute to the activities of the Chapter by contributing to Enlightenment Live and our physical meetings.

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