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Support for West Berkshire young people’s charity

by Paul Thomsett

PALS (Partners for Active Leisure Scheme) is a local West Berkshire based charity that that have been working with children and young people with physical disabilities for over 20 years.

PALS is committed to giving young people with physical disabilities opportunities to gain in confidence and self-esteem, helping them to achieve their full potential through providing leisure and recreational activities.

They offer a wide variety of social and leisure activities for children and young people aged five to 18. The attendees are supported in activities by a team of trained volunteers and the PALS manager, who oversees the event, meaning parents can enjoy a much needed break.

The Young Adults Group has been running successfully for nearly ten years and is open to more independent members. The group take part in a variety of social events and some residential trips, but emphasis is placed on the individual to be as independent as possible.

The charity was awarded a grant from the Berkshire Masonic Charity for £1,100 at the end of 2021, which was used to support an overnight experience for 20 children in June.

Helen Randall from the charity said “A massive thank you for your amazing donation towards our overnight experiences for our youngsters.  We had our first one in three years in June for our younger children and we have another planned in September for the older children.  We had a fabulous time and for many of the children this was the first time they had ever been away from their families, a huge achievement for our PALS and their parents and none of this would have been possible without your support!”

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