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Provincial Membership Team Newsletter

by Neill Rhodes

Your new Provincial Membership Officer is W. Bro Steve Croston who is a member of the Vale of Loddon Lodge No. 8421.

Steve began his Masonic journey in Blackburn which is in the Province of East Lancashire in 1988. He was initiated into the Lodge of Fidelity No. 269 which incidentally celebrated its bi-centenary later that year.

He was Master of that lodge in 1995, although living at his current home in Twyford with his wife Angela.

Steve visited several lodges in Berkshire before joining 8421 in 2011 and was installed into the chair in 2015. Since joining this Province he has been an active member of the membership team in all its guises and is stepping up from his current role of Deputy Provincial Membership Officer at Provincial Grand Lodge in September 2022.

News from the front line:

National Digital Marketing Campaign (NDMC) run by UGLE runs from September to December with the aim of attracting new members and increasing the community’s awareness of our organization’s values. Last year’s campaign reached over 1 million men and resulted in well over 200 enquiries to join Berkshire Freemasonry. This year we aim to attract over 300 enquiries! Media information relating to specialist lodges has also been included this year.

It must be understood from the start that the NDMC will augment the efforts of lodges to increase their numbers and not replace any actions the lodges make on their own initiative. Lodges cannot and must not expect potential candidates to be offered to every lodge. Therefore, we need your assistance to help you.

How can my lodge benefit from the pool of available potential candidates?

When the membership team are discussing meeting days, costs and general background information with each potential candidate, it is vital that we understand your lodge profile. Is your Lodge willing and able to welcome candidates from these campaigns? If so, LMOs should approach the Provincial Membership Team who will offer guidance on the requirements.

Potential Candidates will be placed with Lodges according to the candidates requirements therefore it is essential that Lodges produce their own unique Lodge profile to assist in accurate placement. Please send a copy of your lodge profile to the Provincial Membership Team and benefit from the opportunities which this and future social media campaign will create within Berkshire.

Does your lodge embrace the Members Pathway and do your team follow the guidance it contains?  Remember, the updated version of the document is cyclical and not a straight line with one start and one finish.  Therefore, your lodge can cut in and drop out wherever you need to be on the journey for whatever you are trying to achieve. Is there an active member of the Light Blues Club within your lodge, as the contacts he makes can be very useful, particularly when promoting a meeting of your lodge?

Contact with the Membership team for lodges seeking candidates.

Email addresses for all requests to the membership team for assistance:

recruitment@berkspgl.org.uk and slmo@berkspgl.org.uk

You can also contact me directly with any questions or comments by email to: pmo@berkspgl.org.uk

We look forward to hearing from you in due course and are here, ready and willing to help you all.

Sincere and fraternal regards,

Provincial Membership Officer

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