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Old Wycombiensian Installation 6754

by Peter Wells

Berkshire Freemasons go over the Boarder to support our Provincial Grand Master

Last Saturday the 14th October saw a large retinue of Provincial Officers and Berkshire Freemasons heading North to Buckinghamshire to see our own Provincial Grand Master – Anthony Howlett-Bolton OBE go into the chair of King Solomon at Old Wycombiensian Lodge 6754 in Buckinghamshire.

In what was a first, it was also a Provincial Visit to reinforce the close links and friendships that exist between the two provinces,   Buckinghamshire Freemasons were also out in force to receive our PGM and his team.

The Berkshire procession waiting to go in

The Installation meeting was attended by over 100 Freemasons and the pictures pay testament to the warmth and  unity that exists across Freemasonry. 

Congratulations to our own Provincial Grand Master and a sincere thank you to our Friends in Buckinghamshire for the welcome.

A happy Worhipful Master

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