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Old Windsor Double Initiation and Installation

by Neill Rhodes

‘Relevance and belonging’ in action at Old Windsor Lodge as it rises to the Membership Challenge.

On Tuesday 21st March, brethren who attended the Old Windsor lodge 8060 meeting were treated to a masterclass of Masonic ritual. Back to back ceremonies of a Double Initiation of new masons followed by the Installation of the new Worshipful Master Glenn Karpel on the same evening, demonstrating innovation in progressing through its backlog of ceremonies.

All members of the lodge and a number of visitors took part in a night to remember with everyone feeling a true sense of Masonic belonging and relevance as Old Windsor rose to the Pro Grand Master’s challenge to all lodges to grow our membership.

W.Bro David Lambton delivered both these ceremonies in fine form. The two Initiates enjoyed and appreciated their ceremony and were given a very warm welcome. Indeed, one Initiate quoted a part of the Working Tools ritual in his response after the Festive Board dinner.

The lodge was then Called Off for a short break, then Called On to allow working brethren to join the meeting at a later time, and W.Bro David then proceeded to install his successor with aplomb. The lodge was then treated to a little seen IM Working Tools.

W.Bro.Glenn Karpel is Installed into the Chair of King Solomon.

The lodge was closed in harmony and brethren then retired to the Festive Board which provided a very enjoyable four course meal and a very convivial atmosphere. A very memorable evening.

If you would like to join a Masonic lodge committed to our core values of Integrity, Respect, Friendship and Charity please contact our Secretary Tony Nimmo s8060@berkspgl.org.uk.

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