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“New Beginnings” – the third edition of Enlightenment Live is on its way!

by Brian Page

Our friends at the Berkshire Lodge Of Enlightenment have been busy compiling Enlightenment Live 3. Here’s a message from them.

“At The Berkshire Lodge Of Enlightenment, we are excited to be returning to Regular Meetings and it was great to see those who attended the Installation Meeting for our Current Master W. Bro. Ian Hopgood (MEGS).  The prospect of being able to physically meet has influenced the next and Third Edition of our online Magazine “Enlightenment Live” which we have themed as “New Beginnings”.

We are therefore pleased to announce that you can now register to access the third edition of “Enlightenment live”, which will take place on Thursday 2nd September at 7:30 pm. This can be done by the following link:

Enlightenment Live Third Edition

We have some great articles, including:

We are pleased to say that our special guest for the “Enlightenment Live’s Hot Seat”, is the only Entered Apprentice to be Initiated in the Province during LockDown.  We are looking forward to hearing his perspective of “New Beginnings” as this transitions into his subsequent progression.

In our series, “Berkshire Freemasonry in 42 Objects”, we are going to take a step back in time and reflect on the “Firsts in Berkshire”.  We will be taken on a voyage of discovery of those first Lodges and Centres and understand their beginnings and journeys through time.

During the lockdown, some of you may be aware that the team at Solomon was running a number of “Onboarding Sessions” for Entered Apprentices, Fellow Crafts and Master Masons.  We will be reviewing why these were developed and how the next series of these can be used to support your Mentees or even for your own personal journey.  A new one to be launched will be on the Holy Royal Arch.

Finally, finishing with questions and answers with the panel as well as this edition’s Conundrum.  We will also be announcing the winner from the last edition.

To review the previous two editions then please follow the links below:

Enlightenment Live 1
Enlightenment Live 2

If you wish to register to receive information, or have ideas for the future then please send your request to the Lodge Secretary at s9946@berkspgl.org.uk

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