More Masonic Light!

by Brian Page

We are pleased to announce that that the team is already busy in building the next edition for 5th July of “Enlightenment live”.  More details will be released closer to the event, but we have some great articles, including:

  • a special guest for the interview in “EL’s Hot Seat”, 
  • a famous historical Berkshire Freemason will be discussed in “Berkshire Freemasonry in 42 Objects”, which will be current for events happening in July
  • the first edition of John Avery’s talks between an Older and Younger Brother
  • and not forgetting some topical information from Solomon

If you missed the first edition, then this is what some of the attendees said…

‘… thanks for the long overdue approach to making masonry captivating for all ranks’

‘Enjoyable, informative and worthwhile, well done all who contributed. More of the same please’

‘Congratulations to the team on an excellent introduction to BLOE webinars! A great first step!’

Don’t worry if you missed it, the following link takes you through to the recording of the first edition on 5th May

We are always happy to listen to suggestions for articles, topics to be researched on Solomon and any points on Masonic Education that you may feel your Brethren of Berkshire may benefit from.

Berkshire Lodge of Enlightenment looks forward to seeing you for “Enlightenment Live” on 5th July, more details coming soon.

If you want to register to receive information, then please send your request to the Lodge Secretary at

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