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Membership Survey 2023

by Peter Wells

The results are in! As mentioned in the PGMs address, the results of the Membership Survey have now been analysed. The summary is published here:

Membership Survey 2023…What Our Members Said…

The survey has provided valuable information on where we are now and areas for
improvement as we look to shape the future of Berkshire Freemasonry.
Where are we now?
560 members responded which represents a quarter of our Membership and is a very good
response for this type of survey.
80% of respondents gave a 4 or 5 star rating to the questions ‘how important is
Freemasonry to you‘ and ‘how valued do you feel by Berkshire Freemasonry’. All of which
indicates a highly engaged core within our Membership.
However, within this core 15% of respondents feel that they are not listened to which needs
to be addressed.
Most respondents feel that Berkshire Freemasonry is important in their lives because they
enjoy it, feel valued, supported, and recognised for what they bring and the contribution
they make.
Friendship and camaraderie are by far the most important element in making our members
feel most involved as Freemasons. This friendship extends into support not just from formal
offices in the Lodge but most importantly from fellow members. We all have a vital part to
play in this.
Other important elements are supporting our communities and self-development and
Most respondents feel that the combination of these three elements makes Freemasonry
unique, rewarding and enjoyable.
Within the wider community, many members still feel that the public perception of
Freemasonry is wrong and does not reflect the benefits Freemasonry brings to individuals
and communities. Addressing this will bring more enjoyment and an increased sense of
belonging to Berkshire Freemasonry
Many members feel that things are changing for the good in Berkshire Freemasonry, but
these changes need to be quicker to ensure Freemasonry remains relevant to today’s
This survey shows that the relationship between members in Lodges, or when visiting or
socialising, is a very important part of the enjoyment and sense of belonging to Berkshire

Opportunities to make Berkshire Freemasonry more enjoyable and valuable to our

  1. Province, Centres and Lodges
    a. We must develop our communication processes to get the best out of the
    relationship between the Province, Lodge and individual members to drive better
    engagement and involvement for all. This needs to be a circular process.
    b. Sharing good practices between Lodges was identified as a significant
    opportunity – we need to capture and share these
    c. Some members of Lodges and Centres not based in Sindlesham feel there needs
    to be more engagement with them – the Province is too Sindlesham centric
    d. Members are asking for more social events with partners, families and nonmasonic
    friends as well as Masonic friends.
  2. Younger Members and Recent Initiates
    a. There is a need to further involve younger members and those who have
    recently joined Freemasonry in Berkshire to help shape our future so that all
    voices are heard and listened to.
    b. There are opportunities to make the introduction of newly initiated Freemasons
    more enjoyable and rewarding. Some members said that they felt lost on first
    joining and others felt that on joining the Lodge they were expected to know it
    all from day one and a better process for the earlier stages of their masonic
    journey was needed. It was also noted by several that mentoring is not
    necessarily about formal mentoring but advice and guidance from all. Learning
    and moving forward is an important part of the enjoyment for this group of
    c. Visiting other Lodges is seen as a valuable and enjoyable part of freemasonry and
    this can be increased if new Freemasons are invited to visit or taken by a
    member of their Lodge or indeed one Lodge visiting another. For some, it
    appears they need the permission or at least the introduction to visit.
  3. Freemasonry and the Wider Community
    a. Changing the perception of Freemasonry in the Wider Community to accurately
    reflect the benefits that Freemasonry brings to the community is important to
    many Freemasons.

Every one of us has a critical role to play in
Shaping the Future of Berkshire Freemasonry

Stephen Snaith – Provincial Marketing Officer – July 2023

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