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LMO & Mentor Workshop

by Peter Wells

Saturday 22nd April 2023 at Sindlesham saw 80 Freemasons attend the joined up Lodge Membership Officer and Mentors Workshop. The day started with a welcome from APGM Matt Walker and introductions of the Provincial Grand LMO and Mentor, Steve Croston and Clive Hitchen.

Matt Walker welcoming everyone
Steve and Clive introducing the workshops

The attendees were then split into equal groups of assorted LMO’s and Mentors and went to see the first of two sessions. Scattered amongst them were also others who weren’t LMO’s or Mentors. Which was refreshing and thank you all for coming. Over the two sessions, with a hearty Sindlesham buffet breakfast in between, a range of information was shared with delegates. With ideas and challenges from those attending that will be taken back to the Province too. These workshops always include a two-way flow of ideas to them.

The Sindlesham Breakfast

Ask your LMO’s and Mentors what they were told and about the challenge that’s forthcoming. The Provincial Team undertook to upload their presentations to the members area of our website soon. Your Berkshire Communications team were also posting ‘live’ from the event, out onto all our social media channels. If you’re a Facebook user and a member of ‘Berkshire Freemasons Members Group’ you’ll find all the posts there. Or search for it and join for a great way to keep up to date with news and events in your Province.

LMOs and Mentors at the meeting
The Membership Team, with the PGM
The Mentors Team

Closing the events our Provincial Grand Master, just happened to be in the building at another events. He graciously took the time to personally thank everyone for attending and enforced how essential he views the role of LMO and Mentor in securing and strengthening the future of Berkshire Freemasonry in the coming years.

Lastly the Assistant PGM Iain Marnock, OBE thanked the organisers and the Sindlesham Court team for putting on a super day. He announced that tickets for the annual BBQ for LMO’s and Mentors were now on sale on the Berkshire Masonic website. Lots of smiling faces and everyone left fed and into a sunny Berkshire afternoon with the rest of their Saturday to play with.

Iain Marnoch with Clive Hitchen and Steve Croston

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