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It’s back!

by Brian Page

– This edition has some great articles, which are based on the theme of Temperance.

Steve considers how Temperance is reflected in Craft Masonry.  He begins by reviewing what Temperance means as one of the Cardinal Virtues, how it has been reflected in Society; and then specifically looking at those Lodges that were consecrated from a perspective of Temperance.

We then have another of the series of ‘In the Chair…’.  In this feature W Bro Ian Clark interviews R W Bro Digby Woods, Past Provincial Grand Master of the Province of Berkshire.  Ian talks to Digby to understand, based on over sixty years of Masonic Experience, what Temperance means to him.  This is a fascinating discussion to witness.

As previously mentioned, the Enlightenment Family has grown by one, The Berkshire Chapter of Enlightenment.  We are honoured to have the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, E Comp Ian Hopgood, provide a talk on Temperance and Royal Arch Masonry.  Ian then considers further the principle of Temperance and how this is woven with the ritual and symbols of the Royal Arch.  For example, he looks at the symbolism of the Royal Arch Breast Jewel and its representation of balance.

Finally, W Bro John Avery launches a new feature.  The Enlightenment Family is a great supporter of Solomon, the on-line learning and knowledge platform provided by UGLE.  In addition to the features that we provide on Solomon, and alongside this, we also want to review other sources of Masonic information.  In this feature John reviews the website Pietre Stones.  He gives us an introductory guided tour and then reviews, a couple of papers contained within it.  This is a new feature that we hope to take further, please contact us if there is anything you would like us to review.

Previously, we would have had live questions and answers with the panel.  However, as this edition is pre-recorded, we have provided the email address below for you to send questions.  We will respond to these either as soon as received, or we will let you know a time when we have had chance to do further research, if required.

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