Deputy Provincial Grand Master clocks up a half-century!

by Brian Page

VW Bro Peter Sands has reached another Masonic milestone; the Deputy Provincial Grandmaster for Berkshire has been a freemason for 50 years and has recently received a certificate to mark this achievement.

VW Brother Peter Sands The Deputy Provincial Grand Master For Berkshire

Peter was initiated into Berries Lodge No. 2928 in the Province of Buckinghamshire in 1971; he had lost his father whilst still in his teens. Knowing how much his father had enjoyed freemasonry, he applied to join his father’s old lodge; the rest, as people say, is history.

When asked what made being a freemason so enjoyable? The Deputy Provincial Grandmaster remarked that it is very different from other membership organisations;  members from all walks of life meet and form lasting friendships, developing as individuals and serving their community and fellow human beings better.

As Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Peter is overseeing the Berkshire-wide challenge to raise £1.9M over five years for the Masonic Charitable Foundation. The MCF is one of the most significant contributors to charity in the UK, putting tens of millions of pounds into worthy causes each year.


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