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Berkshire Masons Unleash Membership Challenge

by Peter Wells
In a bold stride towards strengthening their lodges, the Berkshire Masons have unleashed the Membership Challenge—a powerhouse initiative designed to amplify the rock-solid foundations laid by our Masonic Executive. This isn’t just about recruiting new faces; it’s about ensuring our existing members are thrilled to be part of the ride.

All members of a Berkshire Lodge will shortly receve their copy of The launch? An informative and factual video from Mark Heppelthwaite our Deputy Provincial Grand Master, breaking down the Membership Challenge’s game-changing impact. Feast your eyes on the future, and ride the wave of insight into the fluctuations of the past six years.

Mark Heppelthwaite wants all members to discuss and dissect the video’s content. How can small tweaks to our memberships set the trajectory for our lodge’s future? It’s time to find out.

Hold tight, Lodge Secretaries! Your phones are about to buzz with a call to set up face-to-face discussions with a representative from Berkshire’s Provincial Executive. Whether it’s an LOI or just a laid-back meeting, we’re diving deep into the Membership Challenge. Your feedback is crucial.

Mark Heppelthwaite makes it crystal clear—this is a call to arms for Lodges, every member can play their part! The Membership Challenge isn’t just about recruiting; it’s about keeping our current members on cloud nine. Your opinions? Gold dust for the success of this initiative.

Berkshire Masons, we’re not just watching the video. We’re rolling up our sleeves for the follow-up meetings. Let’s create a buzz, a vibe, an atmosphere where every voice matters. The future of the Province of Berkshire? It’s in our hands. Together, let’s sculpt a future that screams success and thrive.

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