Another successful LMO Workshop

by Brian Page

The Flavell Suite at Sindlesham was the venue for the second workshop for Lodge Membership Officers, organised by PMO Iain Marnock and his team. Twenty-six LMOs from across the Province attended the half-day event which included presentations by Membership Team members, discussion and question times.

Following the usual introductions. W Bro. Iain Marnock gave the opening talk outlining the topics to be covered during this workshop and reprised the subjects covered at the previous workshop. There was also some discussion of the various points and ideas gained by the attendees at that workshop.

In his presentation, W Bro. Steve Ricks described the process for following up on initial enquiries or expressions of interest from the general public. The whole process is designed to make sure that such enquiries are promptly responded to while, carefully and discretely, checking the bona fides of the enquirer. W Bro. Steve then decides what further action should be taken in respect of the enquiries which he deems to be legitimate. He keeps in mind factors such as the location, availability, occupation and interests of the potential candidate. Following all this, the enquiry is passed to the appropriate LMO for further action in line with the documented procedure and in a timely manner. Care must be taken to ensure that potential candidates receive a prompt response at every stage and that they are assigned to the most appropriate lodge.

In his session W Bro. Dave Whyatt presented an overview of the Revised Members’ Pathway and explained how the original incremental concept for the Pathway had been transformed to a cyclic model. This emphasised that each segment or step could or, in most cases should, be re-entered or re-visited from time to time as the Pathway does not have a finite endpoint. He went on to explain that on the revised version the LMOs are responsible for all the processes in the light and dark blue segments of the Pathway. When the UGLE releases the full working version, users will be able to click their way through to documents explaining or expanding the topic of interest.

During the mid-session break for refreshments, the LMOs split into small groups covering a masonic centre or cluster of lodges, for discussion on future collaboration between the lodges. In your correspondent’s case, this resulted in a WhatsApp group for Abingdon, Faringdon, Wallingford and Wantage LMOs being set up.

The workshop concluded with a wrap-up session led by W Bro. Iain, in which he reiterated the importance of and stressed the need for the LMOs to be proactive in this role. He also reminded the meeting that the Provincial Membership are always ready to assist the individual LMOs. Finally W Bro. Iain thanked everyone for attending and hoped to see them again at the next workshop in February, following a Happy Christmas.

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