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A second dip into the Annual Review

by Brian Page

Goodbye and Hello

Among the reports from the Executive and the various Provincial Teams are valedictories from W Bro. Robin Kent and W Bro. Laurence Fretwell. They are retiring as Assistant Provincial Grand Master and Provincial Grand Secretary, respectively. We also meet those taking over from them, namely W Bro. Ian Marnock OBE APGM, who many of us know through his work leading the Membership Team and involvement with the Light Blues Club; and W Bro. Richard Olliver as PGS. who outlines the main areas he will be working on, particularly concerning HERMES the new online administrative system which is now in use.


W Bro. Jim Sampins PGDC reports on a province-wide year of ceremonies as lodges worked through the backlog due to the pandemic restrictions. Among these were two Lodge Consecrations, Didcot Lodge N0. 9995 and Gourmet Lodge No.10008.


Reporting as Communications Officer, W Bro. Pat Whelan pays tribute to his team for their work on the Provincial website and social media streams. He also thanks the provincial photographers whose high-quality pictures add much value to reports and publications. The social media team around the province is helping lodges benefit from social media use.

Membership and Light Blues

W Bro. Steve Croston, taking over as PMO from W Bro. Iain Marnock, reports on the success of the LMO workshops and the cooperation between LMOs across the province.

Reporting on the Light Blues Club, incoming club chairman W Bro. Paul Youngman takes a retrospective look at the club’s activities over the past year and looks ahead to plans for the coming year. Thanks also to W Bro. Colin Payne for his work as the erstwhile chairman of the Light Blues.

Sindlesham Court

W Bro. Mark Heppelthwaite, the MD of Sindlesham Court, describes the beginning of a return to the more normal operation of the premises. Staffing levels are improving, but there remain some gaps in the complement. Masonic dining has not recovered to its pre-pandemic level. Prices have increased because of increased operating costs. There is a drive for more commercial use of the facilities as an additional revenue source. He also reports on several successful functions run at Sindlesham Court during the year.

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