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A memorable meeting for the Sandhurst Chapter No. 8505 of Royal Arch Masons

by Brian Page

The Berkshire lodge room at Sindlesham was the venue for the dedication of the new robes and sceptres of Sandhurst Chapter No. 8505 of Royal Arch Masons on 6th April. There were many visiting Royal Arch Masons present to witness the ceremony and to join with the Sandhurst Principals and Companions in celebrating this unique occasion.

Soon after the opening of the meeting, the Principals were pleased to receive The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent in and over the Province of Berkshire, leading a contingent of 18 officers of the Provincial Grand Chapter of Berkshire. The Principals and officers of the Sandhurst Chapter then vacated their places for the ME Grand Superintendant and his officers to conduct the Service of Dedication.

The Dedication was performed with due reverence, solemnity and sincerity. The inclusion of apposite readings from the book of Exodus together with a very interesting Oration presented by the Deputy Grand Superintendent explained the symbolism and significance of the colours of the robes and of the sceptres and their emblems.

The Sandhurst Principals with the new robes and sceptres.(front)

The Grand and Deputy Grand Superintendents and 2nd Provincial Grand Principal

After the meeting was closed the company adjourned for an excellent celebration dinner, during which the Sandhurst Chapter pledged a donation of £1000 to the Berkshire 2022 Festival to which the proceeds of the raffle added nearly £300.

The emblems on the new sceptres

The Sandhurst Chapter Principals with their new robes and sceptres

The Provincial Grand Chapter team ready for action

It was a most enjoyable evening and will live long in the memories of all those fortunate enough to have been present.

Photographs courtesy of and ©Steve Heike

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