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£9,000 Grant to Me2 Club

by Peter Wells

£9,000 Grant to Wokingham & Reading-based Charity
‘Me2 Club’ to Assist With Helping Children

Me2 Club is an inclusion charity, for children and young people aged 5-19, with additional needs and disabilities.  Regardless of whether they have yet received a formal diagnosis.  Working in the Wokingham and Reading Boroughs, Me2 Clubs’ purpose is to help tackle the loneliness and isolation Children with additional needs and disabilities can often feel.  By assisting them to join in with mainstream leisure activities. 

Berkshire Freemasons have just made an unrestricted grant of £9,000 over three years to Berkshire charity, “Me2 Club”. 

Liz McDaniel, Senior Fundraising Development Coordinator with Me2 Club said, “This funding comes at a really challenging time for us.  We have growing waiting lists and increasing demands for our services.  That this grant is spread across 3 years enables us to develop our plans with greater certainty.  We currently support around 100 children and teenagers.  We hope to raise this to 120 children and teenagers next year.  This money from the Freemasons of Berkshire will help us to recruit and train the volunteers to turn this into a reality.”  The Provincial Grand Master for Berkshire, Anthony Howlett-Bolton OBE said, “We are delighted that Me2 Club will now be enabled to secure and even expand, their work across Wokingham and Reading.  Freemasonry actively supports Charities such as Me2 Club, for people who live in our communities and sometimes need that helping hand, that only a specialist Charity can give.”

Also reported in Bracknell News and Reading Chronicle

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