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2023 Festival Update

by Tim Sherwood

How are we doing?

We have almost reached our target!  Due to your fantastic efforts, we are only £30,000 short of the target set by The Provincial Grand Master way back in 2018 of £1.9 million.  With a little bit more of your outstanding efforts and a following wind, we will exceed target and make a great contribution to the Masonic Charitable Foundation.

Your contributions as we reach the end of our five-year festival period are surpassing the total in every other year.  This is a superb performance given the current economic climate and the MCF will put this to good use supporting charities and members throughout England and Wales and, especially in Berkshire.

How are our Lodges doing?

The answer is fantastic!  Over ¾ of all lodges in Berkshire have achieved the bronze level of recognition. Of those that have achieved Bronze, 75% have gone on to a higher level.

The time for giving and getting recognition is, however, ending.  If you want to donate and have it recognised in the final totals at the Festival Gala Ball, you need to donate before 3rd April 2023 of a pledge to donate before 15th April 2023.

If you want to make a pledge, either individually or as a lodge, please send details to pcs@berkspgl.org.uk before the date above with details of the pledged amount and who its from.  Unless there are exceptional circumstances, these pledges should be paid before the end of 2023.  But getting the pledges registered before 15th April ensures your contributions will be counted in the Gala Ball total.

Berkshire 2023 Festival Gala Ball

The is only one festival event left but that is a bumper one. The Gala dinner is being held on Saturday 10th June 2023 at The Berkshire Masonic Centre in Sindlesham. 

It will be a fabulous evening’s enjoyment with a special dinner, entertainment, and the final total you’ve help raised will be announced. This event is almost sold out and if you want to go or need further details, please email pcs@berkspgl.org.uk

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