Berkshire Lodge of Enlightenment No. 9946

by Neill Rhodes

Berkshire Masonic Centre
Mole Road
RG41 5EA

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Twitter – @BLoE9946
Facebook – BLoE9946

Upcoming Meetings

  • 28th June 2022
    Berkshire Lodge of Enlightenment No 9946 (Talk)

  • 12th December 2022
    Berkshire Lodge of Enlightenment No 9946 (Talk)

The Berkshire Lodge of Enlightenment no 9946 is a peripatetic or wandering Lodge. We meet four times a year in a variety of locations. The intention is to meet once a year in the East and in the West of the Province with two meetings in Sindlesham, one of which will be our installation meeting. We were consecrated on the 30th June 2017. Consecration is the ceremony by which a new Lodge is born.

Lodge Objectives

  • To support Provincial strategies, programmes and committees in developing and delivering Masonic education.
  • To support, attract and encourage Master Masons committed to research, development and educational delivery.
  • To be a centre of excellence and expertise which will inspire, enthuse, encourage and educate individuals about Masonry.


The founding membership of the Lodge is drawn from the Berkshire Masonic Education Committee and those Berkshire Masons who have contributed to the Committee’s educational efforts. Membership of this Lodge is by invitation of the existing members and all prospective members will already be members of other Lodges. In this way we will not compete with other Lodges for members.


Our meetings will seek to explain the message behind the ritual that other Lodges regularly work, as well as working pieces of Masonic ritual that are less frequently performed to help keep them alive.

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