Sandhurst Lodge No. 8505

by Neill Rhodes

Berkshire Masonic Centre
Mole Road
RG41 5EA

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Next Three Lodge Meetings

  • 18th May 2022
    Sandhurst Lodge No 8505 (Installation)

  • 21st September 2022
    Sandhurst Lodge No 8505

  • 19th December 2022
    Sandhurst Lodge No 8505

The Sandhurst Lodge was founded on 1st May 1973, mainly by brethren from the Sandhurst/Crowthorne area who perceived a need for the villages to have their own lodge. Despite rumour to the contrary, the Lodge has no connections with a well known military academy of the same name and, with the passage of time, it is fair to say that the membership is now much more widely located.

The Lodge crest features the ancient well in Sandhurst, shown on our banner and pictured below, and the Lodge has set money aside in a fund managed by Sandhurst Council for the well’s continued upkeep.

The Lodge also remains active in suporting charitable and other good causes in the area. For example, a grant of £500.00 is in the pipeline for the Sandhurst Scout Group, to support refurbishment of their facilities, and we have been regular supporters of the COATS Charity.

Our current Provincial Grand Master, Anthony Howlett-Bolton, OBE, was initiated into the lodge in 1980 and, despite his considerable responsibilities, he still attends regularly and takes an active part in Lodge affairs.

Meeting at The Berkshire Masonic Centre in Sindlesham, on the third Wednesday in February, March, May, September and the third Monday in December, the Lodge currently has a membership of 33 and is looking forward to its 50th anniversary in 2023. Recognising the need for festive enjoyment, our Founders ensured that Sandhurst was the first Lodge at Sindlesham to invite the Band of the Salvation Army to the Christmas meeting to play carols for us, a tradition which continues to this day.

We are very proud of maintaining the high standards set by our Founders with regards to the conduct of our meetings and charitable work, and lodge members enjoy a range of formal and informal social events.

We are keen to attract both joining and new members; the Secretary, David Harragan, will be pleased to talk to anyone who is interested Please contact via email

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