Hungerford Lodge No. 4748

by Neill Rhodes

Newbury Masonic Centre,
London Road,
RG14 1JN

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Upcoming Meetings

  • 18th October 2022
    The Hungerford Lodge No 4748 (Passing)

  • 8th November 2022
    The Hungerford Lodge No 4748 (Passing)

  • 15th November 2022
    The Hungerford Lodge No 4748 (Installation)

Founded in 1925, the Hungerford Lodge meets six times a year on the third Tuesday of February, March, April, October, November (Installation) and the second Tuesday in December. Meetings generally start at 6pm but may start earlier if required by the agenda.

The Hungerford Lodge met for nearly ninety years in the Town Hall in Hungerford until 2014 when it moved its formal activities to the Newbury Masonic Centre. To help retain our identity as the Hungerford Lodge, we continue to hold many of our informal meetings there. Details of all of our meetings are available from our website with key meetings advertised via Facebook.

We pride ourselves on the friendliness of our welcome. Any suitably qualified Brother is more than welcome to arrange a visit. We are particularly keen to hear from anyone interested in joining our Lodge whether as a new mason or as a joining member.

In addition to the Lodge meetings, we meet in the Summer for a barbecue. We also run an informal Introduction evening on the first Monday in September where potential new members are invited to meet the members and is usually followed by a meal of Bangers ‘n’ Mash.

The Lodge is very active on social media which it uses to reach out to Freemasons across the world and to increase the awareness of non-Masons of what our Lodge has to offer. We also use our internet presence to keep in touch with members of the Lodge who have moved away and to reassure them that Lodge will welcome them on their return.

Hungerford Lodge runs a Benevolent Association which is registered charity (Charity no 297597) and we are delighted that we have been able to donate over £25,000 to local and national charities over the last five years.

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