Victory Lodge No. 3954

by Neill Rhodes

Newbury Masonic Centre,
London Road,
RG14 1JN

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  • 25th October 2022
    The Victory Lodge No 3954

  • 22nd November 2022
    The Victory Lodge No 3954 (Installation)

  • 20th December 2022
    The Victory Lodge No 3954

In 1919 immediately following the cessation of hostilities of the 1914-18 war, the founders of our Lodge obviously thought it fitting that their Lodge should commemorate the triumph of the allied forces by choosing the name Victory. The choice of name led naturally to the choice of emblem which depicts the “Winged Victory”.

There were 30 Founder members, with 14 of them being Past Masters of our Mother Lodge – the Loyal Berkshire Lodge of Hope No 574. It is interesting to note that many of the first Officers of the Lodge were prominent businessmen of the time.

To name a few:

  • W Bro Warren H Pitman was elected by the Founders of the Lodge as Worshipful Master Designate. He was the senior partner of Pitman & Bazett who were a firm of Solicitors.
  • The Immediate Past Master was W Bro Gardner Leader another Solicitor whose firm is still operating from Newbury.
  • The Senior Warden was W Bro A Camp. W Bro Camp was a founder of the town’s main department store Camp Hopson. He was also a volunteer fireman in Newbury. His partner in business was W Bro F.C. Hopson who was also a founder member of Victory Lodge. He was a Past Master of Hope Lodge No 574 and at the time of the consecration was Provincial Junior Grand Warden. W Bro J. Howard another Past Master of Hope Lodge was Junior Warden.
  • The Chaplain was W Bro Rev C.E. Hardy, Past Provincial Grand Chaplain and Past Master of Hope Lodge. He was also a rector at the nearby village of Shefford. The Treasurer was W Bro W.R. Davey. Past Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies and Past Master of Hope Lodge.
  • The Secretary was W Bro T.D.Douglas, Past Master of the Victoria Lodge 2848 in Wolverhampton and a Past Provincial Grand Deacon in the Province of Staffordshire.
  • The Director of Ceremonies for the consecration was V W Bro Charles E Keyser who was at the time the Deputy Provincial Grand Master of Hertfordshire and went onto become the Provincial Grand Master of that Province from 1924 to 1930. He was the owner of Aldermaston Court and a prominent Freemason who was involved in numerous consecrations, including Aldermaston Lodge 2760 which was consecrated in the Hinds Head Public House in Aldermaston. The Provincial Grand Master of Berkshire R W Bro John Thornhill Moreland was also involved in this consecration. Other well-known Newbury names included W Bro E Martin who was the Inner Guard again a Past Master of Hope Lodge and his partner in business Bro P Chillingworth a Steward. These Brethren owned Martin and Chillingworth who were motor traders in the Broadway. The founder members of the Lodge show its strong link with the town of Newbury and the Loyal Berkshire Lodge of Hope No 574.

For many years the lodge met at the Masonic Temple in Northbrook Street, Newbury. In 1961 the move was made, in company with the other Newbury lodges to the new and current temple in London Road. The earlier temple in Northbrook Street is now part of a supermarket.

The current membership is around 50 members. New members and visiting masons are always welcome.

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