Grey Friars Lodge No. 1101

by Neill Rhodes

Berkshire Masonic Centre
Mole Road
RG41 5EA

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Upcoming Meetings

  • 9th November 2022
    Grey Friars Lodge No 1101 (Installation)

  • 14th December 2022
    Grey Friars Lodge No 1101 ()

Grey Friars is one of the oldest lodges in Berkshire having been consecrated on 17th March 1866. It was named so, because the Lodge regularly met at the Masonic Hall on Grey Friars Road. This was our Meeting Hall until 1969. The Lodge will be celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2016.

The Lodge meets eight times a year on the second Wednesday of October through to May. Meetings generally start at 6pm, but may have a slightly earlier start depending on the agenda.

Besides regular meetings we like to organise informal social events during the year (meeting up for a curry, going to the local pubs, etc.) and also form small groups to visit other lodges in or around the province of Berkshire.

Early in 2007, Grey Friars Lodge joined the Universities Scheme which was being promoted by Grand Lodge. The scheme was formed to encourage and promote involvement in Freemasonry to young adults studying in higher education. Through this scheme, many of our new members have come from the nearby University of Reading in the form of undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as staff members.

We are a youthful lodge, not only due to our younger member base, but also in the attitudes of our older members. We like to have a laugh now and again, yet still do our utmost to keep the Lodge active and its members engaged.

Any qualified Brother wishing to visit need only get in touch, we’d be happy to receive you. We are also interested in hearing if anyone wishes to join the lodge either as a new member or even a joining member.

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