Christopher Wren Lodge No. 4855

by Neill Rhodes

Masonic Hall
Church Lane

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Lodge Meetings

  • 24th September 2022
    The Christopher Wren Lodge No 4855 ()

  • 26th November 2022
    The Christopher Wren Lodge No 4855 (Installation)

The Christopher Wren Lodge was formed on Saturday, 6th November 1926 and has held their meetings on Saturday’s ever since. We have the anomaly that although we feature one of Christopher Wren’s masterpieces as our crest, we are not named after him, but his father, a one time Dean of Windsor, who was a Mason. It is highly unlikely that Christopher Wren, the famous architect, was ever a Freemason (There are many volumes and studies available if you wish to pursue this for yourself).

Our Lodge meets 4 times a year. The meetings are held at the splendid Masonic Hall, Church Lane, Windsor, on the fourth Saturday in January, March, September and November (Installation).

We are a friendly Lodge and enjoy the ritual and charitable sides of Freemasonry. As well as the social aspect. Currently we have 40 members from numerous backgrounds and interests.

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