Lodge Website

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This page is to offer suggestions to help you get started with your Lodge website, it is not a recommendation to use any specific services

Guidance Information

Whether your starting from scratch, or already have a website or social media presence we are here to help.  We can offer advice and support and help point you in the right direction.

To help you along here are a few pointers and guideline:

In addition to these publications, we run courses on Social Media and, if demand is sufficient, we can call upon the digital team from UGLE to help you out.

Web Hosting

There are a lot of ways in which you can start with a website, it depends how confident you are. For a simpler site, you can host it with Wordpress.com. You can get a free site here, for further options prices for hosting with Wordpress can be found at Wordpress.com/pricing/

If you’re looking for a more complex site, then you can host it with another provider, for examplewww.tsohost.com

Site Name

For people to get to your site, you will need to register a DNS record, often your hosting provider or Wordpress can provide this at a cost for you.

SSL Certificate

We recommend you to get an SSL certificate if your hosting provider will support it. You can get free SSL certificates from letsencrypt.org.