Initiation Calendar

Scroll down for instructions on how to subscribe to the calendar from a mobile device.

[calendar id=”2105″]

Subscribing to the BerksPGL Calendar

  • You can subscribe to this calendar on an iPhone or iPad by copying the link and following these instructions.
    1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
    2. Tap on Calendar.
    3. Tap on Accounts.
    4. Tap on Add Account.
    5. Tap on Other.
    6. Tap on Add Subscribed Calendar.
    7. Enter the location of the shared calendar from the link above, click Next.
    8. Click Save. The calendar entries should now show within your calendar.
  • To change which calendars are displayed on your device, within the Calendar app, select “Calendars” and toggle which calendars you wish to show/hide.