The Light Blues Club

by Neill Rhodes

The Light Blues – Get More From Your Masonry by Having Some Fun and Helping Others.

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The Berkshire Light Blues Club exists to bring new and young Freemasons in the Province of Berkshire together to meet and socialise with each other both within and outside of a Masonic setting

Aside from social functions, the Club acts as a representative body for the views of the newer and younger generation of Freemasons, meaning that new and younger Masons will be properly represented at all levels

Freemasonry is about building lifelong friendships; the Light Blues Club hopes to increase that number of friends for you and hopes to help build a strong network of companions for everyone in the Province

How Do I Join?

Just as soon as you are Initiated into your Lodge, you become a member. You will continue to be a member until you are fortunate to be honoured with Provincial Rank and its dark blue apron

Cost of Membership

The cost of membership of the Berkshire Light Blues Club is FREE

Upcoming Light Blues Club Events

If you are interested in attending one of these events, please complete the form below.

Nothing from 20th January 2022 to 19th January 2023.

Contact the Light Blues Secretary

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