The Berkshire Masonic Charity

by Neill Rhodes

The Berkshire Masonic Charity exists to provide grants to worthy causes in and around Berkshire. Applications for support grants can be made by local organisations or individuals and the objectives of the Charity are to:

  • Relieve poverty and distress among inhabitants of, and visitors to, Berkshire
  • Support any charitable trusts or organisations that may benefit all or some of the inhabitants of or visitors to Berkshire
  • Support and provide funds for any other wholly charitable organisation which operates to relieve poverty and distress
  • Advance religion and education

Please see the Annual Review for details of the charitable endeavours of The Berkshire Masonic Charity.

See the news posts for regular updates and information about individual grants, some of the latest charity posts are:

Since its inception, grants totalling over £1.3 million have been made to over 1,300 recipients in the Masonic Province of Berkshire. Applications for grants can be made through a Lodge with whom the individual or organisation has a contact or connection or by contacting the Applications Secretary. Applications are considered quarterly.

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