Berkshire 2023 Festival

The Third Festival Newsletter

The third edition of the Berkshire 2023 Festival is now available. This is an electronic only newsletter and will be published three or four times a year on the Provincial Websites. It shows how we are making progress to our festival target and three exciting events.

If you want to publicise and event please use the forms on the website and tell us how they went, send articles to

Message from Anthony Howlett-Bolton OBE, Provincial Grand Master

Anthony C Howlett-Bolton OBE, Provincial Grand Master

Our province has pledged to raise a total of £1.9 million during the festival’s five-year period. The festival will end in July 2023. I hope every Freemason will contribute as generously as their circumstances allow towards our festival. This can be done in a number of was outlined below but can I emphasis that regular giving of £10 a month throughout the festival period will qualify you for a festival jewel.

Our record of charitable giving within the Province defines the sort of people we are and supporting our Festival should be the main aim of Lodge fundraising through this five-year period. Every lodge has a Charity Stweard through whom the festival can supported, and I hope all Lodges will strive to achieving the highest of award that their circumstances allow.

We are going to have great fun over the next five years and I look forward to sharing with you the unique experiences this Festival will bring to both the Province and the MCF.

Message from Peter Sands Deputy Provincial Grand Master and Chairman of the Festival Committee

Festival Committee (L to R) Gerry Preston – Events organiser: Colin Smith – Treasurer: Peter Sands – Chairman: Tim Sherwood – Communications: Paul Watson – Secretary: David Keys – Provincial Grand Lodge: Tim Lee – Assistant Treasurer and project manager

The PGM launched our Festival on 18th May 2018 at Sindlesham. The Festival is in support of the MCF; this charity was formed a couple of years ago to bring together the previous four main Masonic Charities. Their work and support of the old, young, sick masons and non-masonic causes is class leading; indeed, it is one of the largest grant giving charities in the UK.

Given its scope and reach The MCF deserves our full support and I know I can count on Berkshire Freemasons to respond, as they have in the past, to meet and exceed the target of £1.9million set by the PGM.

To help organise, plan and run the festival, I have formed a Festival Committee, the members of which are in the photograph opposite. As part of their remit, they will be organising several Province wide events. Details of some of these, together with some individual lodge events are set out in on the Events section of the website. Please support these where you can: lets enjoy the next five years and together we can make the Festival a real success.

The Festival Jewel

There is only one festival jewel and to be awarded it you have to make a donation to the Festival of £600. This can be done in two ways; first by a one-off donation of £600; or second by setting up a regular giving plan. You are able to set plans up for any amount over regular intervals so that the total contribution reaches £600. The minimum you can donate is £10 per month for the period of the festival.

To see how to set up a payment plan on-line look at the attached video.

If you want to fill in the forms, either for a one-off donation or a regular payment plan. Alternately, click the donation button below.

Once you have either made your one-off donation or completed your regular payment promise, these details will be sent to the Provincial Office on a monthly basis by the MCF. The jewels will be posted to you once the Office receives this notification

Lodge Honorifics

A series of honorifics has been established to reward individual Lodges for their contribution to the Festival. These can be from lodge raffles or other such events but, in addition, any Lodge member who donates to the festival jewel, his contribution will be counted to his Lodges total. The awards are based on a per capita contribution and the number of members in a Lodge is fixed as per the Grand Lodge records as at 31st May 2018. Any additions or losses after this date will not be taken in to consideration in calculating the per member contribution.

Honorific LevelContribution Per memberNumber of lodges at this level
Bronze£350 per member5
Silver£500 per member0
Gold£750 per member0
Platinum£1,000 per member0

When a lodge attains the Bronze or Silver award this will be recognised by a presentation to the lodge by a member of the Provincial Executive. On reaching the Gold level, the award will be made by the PGM and for Platinum, the Lodge will be presented with this at the Provincial Grand Lodge meeting.