Association of Friends of Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh Court

Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh Court, the R.M.B.I. Home at Sindlesham, adjacent to the Berkshire Masonic Centre, opened its doors to elderly Brethren, their wives or widows or close dependent relatives in 1972. Having dual registration as a Residential and Nursing Home, Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh Court has some 90 residents. The Association of Friends, also formed in 1972, aims to assist in providing facilities for the care, comfort and well-being of the residents.

Over the years the Association has financed several projects including a physiotherapy wing, ornamental garden pond and purchased many forms of recreational equipment, together with vehicles including minibus ambulances. The Association organises fetes to raise money, social activities for its members and the residents and provides weekly services such as a non-profit shop for the residents, shopping trips and coach outings, carpet bowls and theatre trips. A regular Newsletter keeps the members informed.

The Association of Friends would welcome all enquiries from those who are interested in this work to become members of the Association and  to  participate  in  the  social  and  fund-raising  activities  which  are open  to  all  the  family.

Enquiries to:
The  Membership  Secretary,
Association of Friends of Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh Court,
Mole Road, Sindlesham, Berkshire, RG41 5EA.
Telephone: (0118) 978 7496.

Admissions to an RMBI Care Co. Home

If you’re interested in permanent care or a short stay in an RMBI Care Co. Home, please contact your preferred care home in the first instance and speak to the Business Relationship Manager or Home Manager. You can find the contact details of each Home on the website:  

The local management team will be able to provide their fee rates, however, please note this is only a range. Each person’s fee is based on a full assessment of their care needs and will also help determine if the person will be self-funding, or if they quality for financial assistance from their Local Authority.

We support people with a Masonic connection. We also support some people in the wider community who do not have a connection to Freemasonry but are able to fund their placements. Where a Home has a waiting list of residents who wish to come into the Home, priority will always be given to Freemasons and their families, as long as RMBI Care Co. can support the person’s needs.

If you have a general query about the admissions process, you can also get in touch with Debbie Hollands, Residents Placements Manager at